Gluten-Free Party Hosting Tips

1) Hosting a gluten free party starts in the kitchen. Keep counters clean and finish

preparing all your gluten-free dishes before preparing the gluten-filled ones.

This helps avoid cross-contamination of cutting boards, knives or serving

dishes. Even an errant crumb can make someone sick.

2) Cook the turkey without stuffing inside the bird. Gluten from the stuffing will

contaminate the meat.

3) Use a turkey without additives or basting packages – they likely contain gluten.

4) Check labels if you are purchasing packaged items. Gluten can hide in unusual

places like sauces, seasonings or gravies. Many packages are now sporting

“gluten-free” labeling.

5) Put a sign next to the gluten-free dishes.

6) Have some wine or a 6 pack of gluten-free beer at the ready.

Many beers contain gluten.

7) Use serving spoons to keep guests from dipping gluten crackers in the

hummus or salsa. Serve gluten free crackers.

8) If your guests are bringing a dish to pass – have them bring some gluten-free

options: fruit or vegetable platter, beverages, whipped cream, vanilla ice


9) Touch base with your gluten-free guest or host and talk through any concerns.

They may have some great tips for keeping the meal gluten free.

10) Enjoy your guests and have a great meal.