About Us

Amy testing another delicious gluten-free recipe.

Amy testing another delicious gluten-free recipe.

gfGoodies is a family-owned company run  by Amy Middleton from the beautiful St. Croix River Valley bordering Minnesota and Wisconsin. Born and raised on her parents’ cherry orchard, Amy has always had a huge interest in good food.

However, after decades of illness, Amy was diagnosed with celiac disease. Through careful attention to a gluten free diet, she has regained her health.


The Real Safe Thing

Making irresistible gluten-free food is now a big interest for Amy and spurs her passion to develop products that are easy to make and scrumptious.

At the same time, Amy knows how imperative it is that gfGoodies products are made in a certified gluten-free facility. Anything less could trigger severe illness for her and her customers with celiac disease.